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the waiting space

I have submitted in July.  I felt relieved. I could finally go and have a “real holiday”. No books to take with me. No bad conscience for moving them around and not opening them. Just real time off. But the feeling was of relief, not of freedom. I knew it was not finished. The Viva […]

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When reality gets “augmented” as opposed to complex

As I am marking my MA student’s dissertations, I am noticing that a lot of them are very excited about the Augmented Reality apps that they can now download on the mobile phones. While they use them to socialize in real space, and find the new local hip bar, I am starting to think that […]

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No time

I have been fool enough lately to add an extra activity to my busy life: the organisation of i-Docs, a conference totally dedicated to the interactive documentary form. I do care a lot about this event. It is in a sort the confirmation that what I have been preaching and observing – that interactive documentaries […]

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