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PhD: passed!

My PhD viva (viva voce = oral examination = defense) was last Tuesday the 20th of November. It went extremely well, and I can say that I feel very lucky because the two hours of intense discussion felt stimulating and positive. It was a real discussion, not an exam, and this makes all the difference. […]

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The viva

In my last post I was questioning “what a bad viva is like”… fortunately, I have no first person story to share with you on how horrible a viva can be… as… mine went extremely well! It was on Tuesday the 20th of November, at 11 am. Exactly one week ago I sat in a […]

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the waiting space

I have submitted in July.  I felt relieved. I could finally go and have a “real holiday”. No books to take with me. No bad conscience for moving them around and not opening them. Just real time off. But the feeling was of relief, not of freedom. I knew it was not finished. The Viva […]

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the never ending PhD

Gosh… I had hoped to finish my PhD by December but… it looks like I will have to write some more!!! Damn… I am starting to run out of steam… and I am so busy in between teaching and preparing a new website for i-Docs 2012 that the last thing I want to do is […]

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My new chapter 6 is now online…

My second in depth case study of interactive documentary is now online: it is all about Rider Spoke (a locative experience by Blast Theory, UK) -which I see as an example of Experiential documentary. If you have already read my other chapters you will know that it follows a case study of Hypertext documentary – […]

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