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i-Docs video!

Curious about what i-Docs was like last year? have a look to the video that we have just uploaded on our website. You’ll find there lots of new articles too… from Brett Gaylor, Jogar metha, Paulina Tervo, Eva Dominguez… to state a few… really good stuff!

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2 weeks to go to i-Docs!

We are fine tuning i-Docs at the moment, take a second to check our programme online! We have added two full day workshops on the most recently launched authoring tools in the market: Klynt and 3WDOC. Book your tickets if you are interested as there is very limited space! If you are into interactive documentaries, […]

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The i-docs’ “evolution”, in just 10 points

While preparing for the forthcoming i-Docs conference, and thinking about what a great year 2011 has been for factual narratives, we started a discussion between Arnau Gifreu and myself to see if we agreed on the i-docs trends that are emerging just in front of our eyes. Arnau proposed to come up with 10 points […]

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Chapter 7 is now online!

For those of you that have been following this long long writing process of mine, here is my last PhD chapter: chapter 7 is totally dedicated to participatory documentaries, and it takes Global Lives as a main cases study. Feel free to download it from here and to comment on it. But please remember that, […]

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An interview with David Harris on Global Lives

The case study that I have chosen for my last PhD chapter is Global Lives, by David Harris. The project is still in its development phase but it is one of the few cases of interactive documentaries where a common Governance is being tried out. Basically Global Lives is inspired by the way the Wikipedia Foundation works: […]

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What's all this about?

This website is both an archive and a discussion forum for those interested in Interactive Documentaries. It also documents my journey while doing a PhD. Feel free to browse and comment, but especially... DO CONTRIBUTE TO THE ARCHIVE!

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

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