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The viva

In my last post I was questioning “what a bad viva is like”… fortunately, I have no first person story to share with you on how horrible a viva can be… as… mine went extremely well! It was on Tuesday the 20th of November, at 11 am. Exactly one week ago I sat in a […]

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the waiting space

I have submitted in July.  I felt relieved. I could finally go and have a “real holiday”. No books to take with me. No bad conscience for moving them around and not opening them. Just real time off. But the feeling was of relief, not of freedom. I knew it was not finished. The Viva […]

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I have been super silent lately… just too much to do I am afraid. I have finished my last chapter of PhD and now I am starting the re-writing of everything (yes, in this fast changing world whatever was written 5 years ago is really out of date!). At the same time I am solidly […]

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slow becoming

I am at the British Library, and I am reading Jenkins (What Happened before YouTube). I am looking for definitions of participatory & collaborative culture. I do not know if I am going to find what I am looking for in this article. Suddenly it strucks me: this is the hardest part of research; to […]

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energizing feed-back

To get back into the mood of writing I have asked  some former students of mine to participate to a special feed-back workshop on my PhD. To my great surprise they said yes, they have read my chapters and they all came prepared with questions and criticisms. How exciting is that! From my side I […]

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