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PhD: passed!

My PhD viva (viva voce = oral examination = defense) was last Tuesday the 20th of November. It went extremely well, and I can say that I feel very lucky because the two hours of intense discussion felt stimulating and positive. It was a real discussion, not an exam, and this makes all the difference. [...]

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PhD submitted!

I have finally submitted my PhD at Goldsmiths!! I can’t believe it… the last month has been really stressful… with all the dramas that are supposed to happen when the end seems so close… and yet still far away…
Anyway: the submission is only part one of the story. Part two will be the Viva, the [...]


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PhD and life after i-Docs

Now that I have fully recovered from the joys, and stresses, of co-organizingĀ i-Docs 2012, I have to come back to reality… and my present reality is that I NEED TO FINISH MY PHD!!!
I am actually nearly there. I have re-visited most of my chapters and wrote an introduction. I now have to finish the re-writing, [...]



i-Docs 2012: afterthoughts

Once again, I-Docs 2012 has been a great success! This is obviously a totally biased statement – as I am one of the conveners of the event – but the feed-back we had from most of the participants was really very encouraging. Effectively it is one of the few conferences that is super specialized (i-docs [...]


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i-Docs video!

Curious about what i-Docs was like last year? have a look to the video that we have just uploaded on our website.
You’ll find there lots of new articles too… from Brett Gaylor, Jogar metha, Paulina Tervo, Eva Dominguez… to state a few… really good stuff!


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