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This blog is for me a way to keep track of what is happening in the world of digital interactive documentary (some people use terminologies such as “new media documentary” or “digital documentary” – what I mean is: artefacts that are interested in documenting the real and that use digital technology to allow people to interact with the artefact itself).

In the Interactive Documentary Blog section you will find my comments and my thoughts about the interactive documentaries that I am discovering while doing my PhD research. I will sometimes add a video of my own experience while participating to a locative media experiment, or an installation work.

For a more formal description of interactive documentary projects (and for past examples) you will have to go to the Interactive Documentary Archive (as the Blog is more my own scrap book, a sort of stream of thoughts about what is current to my research).

My PhD is about Interactive Documentaries. I am fascinated about the possibilities that new media offer to step outside of a representational logic to enter into a multiple, enacted and situated view of reality. I believe that the affordances of new media are particularly suited to express reality as multi-leveled, participatory, constructed and constantly changing.

For more about my PhD see the About Me section.

I would love this website to become a forum for people that are interested in the emerging field of interactive documentaries, so please feel free to comment and to add ideas to this website. You can comment to a post in any section of this website or add examples of interactive documentaries that you know of in the Interactive Documentary section.

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This website is now closed and will stay for reference purposes only. Please follow me on my new blog: