Interactive Documentary Archive

Have you ever wished there was a place where you could find lots of examples of interactive documentaries so that you could reflect, get inspired, be entertained or maybe just lecture about them? Well I have been looking for it for so long that I have decided to try to make it myself.

You will find in the Archive all the interactive documentaries that I know of. Some will maybe have been discussed at length in the Interactive Documentary Blog, some will only be present in the Archive (old projects, or projects that I have discovered before starting this website tend to be present only in the Archive).

Obviously I am counting on you to enlarge my horizons!

Take your time to browse the archive and please do add projects that you know of so that the archive can grow and become a useful research tool for others!

To do so send me your propositions by filling the form that you will find in the Archive section (click on “Contribute to the archive”).

I will review your suggestions and incorporate them into the archive. If the archive grows quickly I will maybe make a Wiki of it… but for now I will moderate it.

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This website is now closed and will stay for reference purposes only. Please follow me on my new blog: