This website has three aims:

1. I would like it to be a reference and meeting point for people interested on interactive documentaries.

You will find here:

> an archive of interactive documentaries – to which you can add entries

> my own blog on issues such as “documenting reality”, “digital media”, “perception” or “examples of interactive documentaries”… were I document my findings as I am researching interactive documentaries

2 . I also want to document my process of undergoing a PhD.

For this you will find:

> a written diary under the PhD Blog – with entries on issues such as “dealing with supervisors”, “life-work balance”, “what am I really looking for”…

> a visual diary under the Visual Haiku (my attempt to “grab the moment with 3 photos) and the PhD Mosaic (a photo mosaic of my life while doing my PhD)

3. I would like to open my writings to your comments in order to have feedback from outside of academia.

> read a summary of my research and download its first five chapters from the Me & my PhD section

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This website is now closed and will stay for reference purposes only. Please follow me on my new blog: www.interactivefactual.net