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PhD: passed!

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My PhD viva (viva voce = oral examination = defense) was last Tuesday the 20th of November. It went extremely well, and I can say that I feel very lucky because the two hours of intense discussion felt stimulating and positive. It was a real discussion, not an exam, and this makes all the difference. You can read here if you want to have some more detail on the viva itself.

So… what’s next?

First a little rest – but not too much actually (it just does not seem possible) – or at least a little suspension time with no decisions on what to commit to. Obviously I am still teaching at LCC and looking after i-Docs, but I need to think where to concentrate the rest of my energies: more teaching? some consulting? some interactive production? a little of all these mixed together?

Time will tell. For now I keep my options opened…

But one thing is sure: I will look for ways to publish my PhD as a book (if you have any ideas of possible publishers please do get in touch!). So I was advised not to upload my final version of the PhD on this website… which is a shame… and I feel really bad about this. I am going to inquire if such competition between paper and online publishing really still exist (I thought it was all about  the more dissemination the better!) and then I am going to decide.

The same about this website: although this blog was born as being part of my PhD  I will keep the domain, probably redesign the structure and keep blogging. But for now all my new articles are being published on so make sure you follow that website if you are interested in what is happening in interactive documentary land!

For now it is a farewell, but I will be back very soon… till then, happy i-docsing!

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