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PhD submitted!

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I have finally submitted my PhD at Goldsmiths!! I can’t believe it… the last month has been really stressful… with all the dramas that are supposed to happen when the end seems so close… and yet still far away…

Anyway: the submission is only part one of the story. Part two will be the Viva, the defense of the PhD – probably in September or October 2012. Fingers crossed.

As you can imagine the version I have submitted is quite different from the draft chapters that I have published in this website. To start with I had to cut  out completely the old chapter 2 & 3 (autopoiesis & from to observer to the enactor) because of word count issues (basically I had to cut out 30,000 words).  The important parts of those chapters have been re-distributed in the rest of the thesis. Then I had to re-write chapter 1 (background & definitions) because so much had happened in the last 5 years that it was already too old… Finally I wrote a new introduction and conclusion to the whole thesis so… quite a lot has changed.

Once the whole PhD saga will be finished I will probably look for a way to publish it, but I also think I will upload it to this website – just to be consistent with the open logic that I have been following so far.

For now, any new article will be written for so… keep an eye on it.

I also upload here my new introduction. This should give you an idea of where I am with my thinking. Do bear in mind that it could well have to change again after the Viva… you never know…

Here is the latest introduction:  SG_PhD Introduction

Ahhhh, and also: the title has changed too. It is now: The Living Documentary: from representing to co-creating reality in digital interactive documentary.

This is all from me now. I shall be back with more news during the fall.

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This entry was posted on Thursday, July 26th, 2012


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