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i-Docs 2012: afterthoughts

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Once again, I-Docs 2012 has been a great success! This is obviously a totally biased statement – as I am one of the conveners of the event – but the feed-back we had from most of the participants was really very encouraging. Effectively it is one of the few conferences that is super specialized (i-docs only) but also very open minded (not only webdocs, but also games, installations, mobiles, tablets etc…) and that mixes an incredible array of people (academics, designers, practitioners, artists, photographers… and students).

Effectively i-Docs is the conference I always wanted to go to: it focuses on i-docs, it allows critical thinking about the form, it invites authors to present their projects… but it does not turn into a “who can read his paper faster” exercise nor into a “who can sell his project and get money for the next one” either. I think our secret is that we are an academic conference that is not made by, or for, pure academics. We are all interested in both critique and practice, hence we try to balance both sides. And believe me… this is not very frequent in the conference world!!! I have been bored to death in the past by very intelligent people that did not realize that reading academic jargon in front of an audience is not the best use of their public presence, and by very creative authors that were so eager to sell their project that they were totally unable to answer to any critique to their baby.

In this world of “targeted events” i-Docs is a place of encounter and dialogue… and I have to say that I am delighted of having seen most of our delegates coming  to eat a pizza together after the first day of i-Docs… for me that shows that the conversations are continuing outside of the conference, that people are forming bonds, and that the friendly and opened spirit that we wanted to create has worked. What an achievement! That makes me, and Judith Aston,  very happy people ;-)
Now… for those that were not with us and where actually hoping to get a summary of the two days in this post… bad luck, I am not going to do so… and this for a couple of reasons:

1. I am so involved in the event that it feels impossible to report on it with even some vague objectivity
2. I was so busy presenting/organizing/introducing during the two days that my mind was not in the “listening mode”
3. other people have already reported on the event, so that might be the best route to follow…

Therefor I thought I would give you a few links that might be useful to catch up on what happened at i-Docs:

1. Our Storify page, agglomerating what YOU said about i-Docs (compiled by “Magic Jess”, our very talented Jess Lenington)

2. The articles from DocGeeks on collaborative and layered i-docs at i-Docs

3. The feed-back, and thoughts, on i-Docs from Brian Winston, Max Whitby, Kerric Harvey and Judith Aston

4. A transcript of the Jigar Metha session (18 day sin Egypt)

5. The comparative slides of the 3 authoring tools Popcorn, Klynt and 3WDOC (thanks for that to the excellent work that Eva Dominguez and Maria Yenez did for us!) – Actually, if this topic interests you do check Eva Dominguez’ article for!

Voila’…. we are now already thinking about i-Docs 2013… Some people asked us to make it longer (3 days?), elsewhere (shall we start traveling and move to other universities?), with more workshops (shall we do more training?), with more installation works (how do we get the space for all this?)… so… ideas are flying around and we are pondering our options.

One thing is sure: your thoughts are welcomed, and we hope to see you again next year!

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This entry was posted on Sunday, April 8th, 2012


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