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I have been super silent lately… just too much to do I am afraid. I have finished my last chapter of PhD and now I am starting the re-writing of everything (yes, in this fast changing world whatever was written 5 years ago is really out of date!). At the same time I am solidly working on i-Docs 2012- which is starting to look as a super exciting 2 days conference on i-docs but… it is taking a lot of my time (and late nights!).
So…. I think I will try to be reasonable and give up the blog for a little while… Blogs are great, they make you feel connected, but they take a lot of time!
I will post a couple of new entries in the main PhD blog and then close it during my re-writing… this feels as the sensible thing to do. For the few people around there that are reading this blog: keep going in your own work! I will be back soon (hope so!) and you can always get in touch through this website. Also: if you are writing anything interesting do send it to me… I am always interested in new ideas!
Best of luck to you in your own work!

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This entry was posted on Friday, February 3rd, 2012


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