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i-Docs 2012

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The programme of  i-Docs 2012 is now online and you can already purchase your tickets !

Following last years success  i-Docs 2012 has been expanded to two full days and will take place in Bristol’s Watershed Media Centre on March 22nd and 23rd. Convened by Judith Aston and myself, on behalf of the Digital Cultures Research Centre, the symposium brings together producers, scholars and students of interactive documentary to grapple with the diverse practices and theorisation of this fast developing field.

Last year i-Docs 2011  had one basic message: i-docs are here to stay, and they should be seen as a form on itself  (not just as the evolution of linear documentaries). So the conference was arranged to give an overview of the sub-categories of i-docs that we could see emerging: collaborative docs, cross-platform docs, locative docs and database narratives. The event was very successful and we decided to make it a yearly event.

So… this year we are back. We have taken into account the wish of most participants to have more time to discuss and exchange ideas so we have made the event longer (2 days) and we have incorporated a variety of formats (panels, labs, workshops and feed-back sessions) to make it a dynamic event. Since we do not need to establish the  genre anymore,  this year we are focusing on some key questions/issues that we are seeing developing around us. The following are the questions that we would like to open to debate at i-Docs 2012 (and please have a look to the call for participation to see how those questions split in more areas of investigation):

1.      User participation in i-docs: how can the act of participating change the meaning of an i-doc?

2.  Layered experience, augmented reality games and pervasive media: are locative i-docs changing our notion of physical experience and space?

3.  Activism and ethics: how can i-docs be used to develop new strategies for activism?

4.      Open source and the semantic web: how are tagging video, HTML5 and the semantic web opening up new routes for i-docs?

There’s a very strong lineup this year including keynotes speakers reflecting cutting-edge and award winning work – Jigar Mehta (i8 Days in Egypt), Brett Gaylor (rip! A Remix Manifesto, Popcorn Maker) , Submarine Channel (Collapsus), Katerina Cizek (Highrise), who’ll be presenting via Skype, as well as the esteemed documentary scholar Brian Winston, from whom we can expect a challenging intervention. Panels will look at themes including Layered Reality, Participation and Activism. An important  feature of this year’s symposium will be sessions examining some of the key emerging tools for authoring and creating web documentary – Popcorn maker3WDoc and Klynt. It’s a rich programme with concurrent sessions running much of the time which has been carefully structured to provide the space for in-depth discussion of work and ideas.

I really hope to see you all there!!! This is going to be a fab 2 days!!!

In the mean time do explore the  i-Docs website which is fast becoming a rich resource for all people interested on i-docs  (from a research and academic point of view). You’ll find academic and blog references, an archive of existing i-docs , a forum open to discussions about all the possible forms of i-docs you can think of. A team of experts have joined forces to open the discussion on what is interesting and/or new in this emergent field, and on the ethical, aesthetic, political and financial consequences of the i-doc genre. We welcome your participation! Feel free to mail your papers and ideas to the co-editors of our discussion section, or simply comment on their posts.

Do spread the news and do participate!

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