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Great student writing on i-docs

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I have two students this year that have written their Master dissertations on the subject of i-docs. One, Filippo Bonino, argues that i-docs can change the way people perceive reality and finds examples in Prison Valley, Rider Spoke and America’s Army to prove it. The other one, Dickon Waring, argues that i-docs open new possibilities to activism because they can enable solutions, providing an effective bridge between activist and cause, information and call to action.

Although both dissertations have their weak points (they effectively needed some extra time to write a final draft) I think that they are both refreshingly positive and courageous. Moreover they use case studies to show how user participation in an i-doc can be life-changing (in the case of someone who decides not to join the American Army) or eye opening (in the case of 18 days in Egypt).

I am uploading both dissertation (with the consent of their authors) in the hope that students and scholars interested i-docs get inspired and continue the debate! Also, if you have comments on Filippo and Dickon’s work please send it here and I’ll make sure they get it.

Dickon Waring: Is there a role for interactive documentary within modern day activism?

Filippo Bonino: Is interactivity in interactive documentaries exploited at its full potential?

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This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 27th, 2011


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