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To get back into the mood of writing I have asked  some former students of mine to participate to a special feed-back workshop on my PhD. To my great surprise they said yes, they have read my chapters and they all came prepared with questions and criticisms. How exciting is that! From my side I had prepared a schema stating clearly the What Why and How of my thesis which allowed me to state clearly, and in few words, my “contribution to the field”… a very healthy exercise indeed!

What have I learned from the day?

First: that there is nothing better for energy boosting than discussing a topic that matters to you with people that fully understand what you are saying.

Second: that students often know more than us – but that I knew already!

Third: that it is a good, and useful, lesson of humility than to be reviewed by your own students.

Fourth: that I actually know what I am writing about (sometimes I doubt it, but seeing that it makes sense to others has comforted me on this one)

Fifth: that it makes sense to take a participative approach before starting my last chapter on “partecipative i-docs”…

And finally… lots of little things that are too complex to explain here but that I should start changing very soon!!!

Back to work then, and this time with lots of energy! Thanks, dear students!!!

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This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 21st, 2011


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