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It has been a very loooooonnnngggg holiday indeed… when I came back home I had forgotten it’s layout! How strange to re-discover your own place!!! Anyhow, I have enjoyed 4 weeks of pure bliss with my kids and family around France. It is incredible how life can be easy when one has nothing to do but just “be”…

The price to pay is the coming back. I should be excited about all the things I have to do but they look alien to me at the moment… I am in a no-zone, like if I was detached from everything. Going from 35 degrees to 15 also means I have a terrible cold. So I am back and sick. Feels terrible….

I am sure that in a week or so I will be back in the rhythm of things. Once I am in the water I know how to swim… but I hate cold water… so I am wondering what I am doing in London! What I have learned during those holidays is how one can re-invent herself all the time. I love what I do… and yet, I could do something completely different. I suppose I love a lot of things… I’ll keep this as a positive note and try to feel lucky about the world of possibilities that are around me. Everything is in the glance… half full, half empty… I am lucky my daughter wakes up with a smile every morning… it fills my day…

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This entry was posted on Friday, September 2nd, 2011


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