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an i-doc about the “hippy revolution”…

I just received the following Press Release: On Tuesday 2 August, SBS will launch the online documentary and interactive website, Goa Hippy Tribe ( SBS commissioned this documentary project, releasing it first on Facebook – using the social network not as a marketing platform, but as an original content channel. In this way, the audience […]

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in Situ – about us and the city

In Situ is now live on Arte TV’s website (where it is described as an interactive film on ephemeral human interventions in public space). It is an amazingly poetic film, with very little interactivity, but some nice surprises (for example during a scene in the tube you can click on people’e heads and hear what […]

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When reality gets “augmented” as opposed to complex

As I am marking my MA student’s dissertations, I am noticing that a lot of them are very excited about the Augmented Reality apps that they can now download on the mobile phones. While they use them to socialize in real space, and find the new local hip bar, I am starting to think that […]

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