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in Situ – about us and the city

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In Situ is now live on Arte TV’s website (where it is described as an interactive film on ephemeral human interventions in public space). It is an amazingly poetic film, with very little interactivity, but some nice surprises (for example during a scene in the tube you can click on people’e heads and hear what they are thinking – a nice clin d’oeuil to Wim Wenders’ film Wings of Desire!).

Between 90 to 120 minutes of poetic essays on city artists and performances moves us between Berlin, Paris, Anvers, London and other cities linking the reports to a participatory map – where people can upload their own city art discoveries. The city is re-descovered as a place to listen to (sound is given a lot of relevance in the film) but also as a magic place full of surprises: a man dancing with diggers, a group of poets whispering poetry to city cleaners, urbanists dreaming of building passages between buildings, street artists hanging out from buildings… and also magic Pamelia playing music with the city ¬†trhough her enchanting theremine instrument.

Although the latest baby of Arte’s website does not look very interactive to me, it nevertheless grabbed my attention through its subtility and finesse… For me In Situ would gain at becoming an installation… but even as a film it works well. Furthermore a certain activist theme is present through its interactive map, and its blog, that push people to express themselves and to create more in their environment.

See for yourself!

INSITU – international trailer from PROVIDENCES on Vimeo.

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This entry was posted on Sunday, July 24th, 2011


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