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idocs aggregators

Have you noticed the flourishing of rich media content aggregators?  Have a look to, and …. very interesting. They all allow you to grab content from other sites and past it onto your own mash up page. Now… are those little web docs? Huuuummmm maybe not yet…. but they do make life easier!! You […]

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My new chapter 6 is now online…

My second in depth case study of interactive documentary is now online: it is all about Rider Spoke (a locative experience by Blast Theory, UK) -which I see as an example of Experiential documentary. If you have already read my other chapters you will know that it follows a case study of Hypertext documentary – […]

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Rapporteur de Crise: a new Honkytonk project

French photographer/director Samuel Bollendorff  (the one that made Journey to the End of Coal in 2008) is back with Honkytonk production, but this time they paired with French newspaper Liberation and to produce a film about how the European Parliament faces the actual economic crisis. A very political and serious topic indeed, and this time the […]

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Chromaroma: an inspiring locative game

This is a game, played with your Oyster card (London’s travel card) – it is not a documentary. The point is to commute quicker than other people… who cares, will you say… But is it not exciting to think that a locative game can be played without the need of a mobile phone? If one […]

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Soul Patron

Saul Patron is actually a webdoc from 2010… but I had not seen it before, and have just discovered it today! It is done by German filmmaker Frederik Rieckher and it is a very touching attempt to portrait a country, Japan, through a loose story that allows you to browse within a culture. It is […]

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