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back from Easter break

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i-Docs has been a great experience – we had so much feed-back after it, and people were so enthusiastic!- but it has also been quite draining… so, for once, I was really pleased that the kids “obliged” me to take an Easter break! We just went to Rome (my home town) and enjoyed family and country side day trips… it was really refreshing. I had no internet connection so… I had to “disconnect” from all… what a nice feeling! It is when you unplug that you realize how much you normally run… all this answering to e-mails, writing “things” and re-sending e-mails… are we not all acting as hamsters locked into a cage?

Now that I am back home, and therefore back to work, I try to promise myself not to act too much as a running hamster again… but is it possible? Do we, do I have any choice? It seems to me that you are either in or out.

I am sitting here watching my 250 e-mails… do I have the guts to bin them all without reading them? And even if I only select 20 important ones, they all send me to other documents and websites that I need to check and read… each of them is a window on other hamsters’ cages…

I shall try to take it easy… at least for today!

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This entry was posted on Wednesday, May 4th, 2011


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