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i-Docs: 2 days to go!

The i-Docs symposium is happening in Bristol this coming Friday 25th of March. Just two days to go! How exciting is that ? I am pleased to say that we are totally sold out, and that people are coming from all over the world to discuss, and discover, the novelties of the interactive documentary genre!

Big names (Nick Cohen from the BBC, Alexandre Brachet from Upian, Matt Adams from Blast Theory and Florian Thalhofer) will show their latest projects and discuss their future plans… but we also have producers, directors and academics from all sort of backgrounds that will present their current work. What is exciting for me is to mix people that see interactive documentaries from a different angle. Even if it is a big generalization, I would tend to say that the producers are more interested in the financial side of things, the academics tend to investigate the consequences of the genre, the artists are excited about the expressive potential of the media… while the directors are more focused on the practicality and feasibility of the projects. Now… those people rarely mix together at conferences. The academic style is often too dry and theoretical to interest those who are hands on, and vice versa. For me though, all points of views have something to add to the discussion. I would say more: cross-fertilisation of ideas is essential to keep an open mind and learn something. I suspect the fact that I come from a television background, and that I am now in academia, puts me in that small niche of people who misses examples at academic conferences and gets irretated by the marketing tone of industry conferences…

I hope that with i-Docs we will manage to create that famous magic blend that is so rare: a space where worlds meet and start dreaming and constructing anew together!

I’ll keep you posted after the event… ;-)

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This entry was posted on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011


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