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2 days to go…

Hummm…. i-Docs is getting quite close now! In two days time I will go to Bristol to check with Judith and Nick¬† that all is ready… and then that it is! On Friday 25th of March i-Docs will happen!!!

So far I am surprisingly calm. There are no real urgencies yet and I have done all I could think of: thought of the intro and closing speech, checked the guests, tried to remember most of the project that are going to be presented… can’t think of anything else to do actually. I think we have over packed the day but… too late to change that so… we will have to deal with it… learn from your own mistakes…

The fact that we are already fully booked is such good news that I cannot believe it! One year ago, when Judith and myself thought about the idea of putting together an event totally dedicated to the interactive documentary we would never have dreamt of such worldwide interest!!! If on one hand a room full of people is a bit intimidating (I am opening the day… huuups) on the other hand it is fantastic news!

All I can do now is cross my fingers and hope that the event goes well. No power cut on the day, no devastating viral bug that eats computers… and no sudden vanishing of our guest speakers! Please, please, please… Also:¬† if it goes well we have very high chances to make it an annual event. YES! Would that not be great? i-Docs could also become the FESTIVAL on interactive documentaries, with time… OK… dream on, dream on…

Back to business: I have to twitt on i-Docs now… ahhhh… all this new media cross referencing!!! Can’t believe how time consuming all this stuff is…

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This entry was posted on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011


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