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full on into i-Docs!

i-Docs is happening in three weeks now… and my days are getting more and more booked up by it. How exciting!!! To be honest I am very happy to be dealing with the practicalities of the conference right now… it feels so much easier than spending days at the British Library hoping for some sudden light to inspire my brain cells… i-Docs represents a lot to me: it is a way to meet the few people in the world that “really” understand what I am passionate about, but it is also the proof that interactive documentaries are evolving fast, and that I will soon be able to speak about my field of studies without people thinking that I am totally nuts… And also: so many interesting projects are happening right now… is this not the sign of some type of “buzz”…

Let’s hope now that such “buzz” fills the atmosphere at i-Docs, and that I manage to stay calm without stressing too much at the event. So far, so good… let’s see in two weeks time!

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This entry was posted on Wednesday, March 9th, 2011


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