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2 new chapters online!


Well well well… it is true that I am actively working on the i-Docs conference (one month to go!)… but this does not mean that I have forgotten about my PhD!!! As you probably know I have uploaded the drafts of all the chapters  I have written so far (under the about me > me & my PhD section). You will find now two new chapters:

CHAPTER 4- The Live documentary

CHAPTER 5- The Hypertext interactive documentary through the lenses of the Live documentary

Chapter 4, the Live Documentary, is my attempt to theorize interactive documentary from a new media prospective – moving away from any film theory and concepts of frame/editing and narrative. I try to see interactive documentary as a form that is defined by its interaction mode, that has levels of autopoietic behaviours, and that can be seen as an assemblage (where the whole is not the result of an author, an audience and a media, but of the infinite relationships formed by its components). I finally call the interactive documentary a “Live documentary” (to know more read page 6 of Ch4).

Chapter 5 is my first case study. I will have 4 case studies in my research, one for each interactive mode (Hypertext, Experiential, Conversational and Collaborative). This first case study is Florian Thalhofer’s [LoveStoryProject] – an example of Hypertext documentary, done with the Korsakow software.  I try to look at it through the Live documentary lenses, a methodology that allows me to look for the elements that constitute such assemblage and to question what kind of autopoietic behaviours it might have.

My next case study, Chapter 6, is already written but still needs lots of re-touching so… it will be up soon, but not quite now. I have chosen  Rider Spoke, by Blast Theory, as a case study of Experiential documentary.

If by any chance you do check those two new chapters please be so kind to comment on them on my website!!! I occasionally  have people sending me e-mails but you all seems  too shy to comment publicly… how shy should I be to upload stuff that has not been totally accepted yet? I do it because I believe that discussion and exchange of ideas is more important than anything else… so please do assist me on this! What I write (and what you comment) is meant not to be perfect… but if we share it we all learn and grow through it… if we keep it on a one to one level we cut out everybody else!

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