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In search for her

I have received an entry to the archive, by photographer Yuki Kishino, that is rather intriguing… In search for her is a desktop application (this is the first odd thing about it) that is photo based, but that tells a story, which itself explains a rather complicated “theory of human gravity”… The photos are as […]

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Come to i-Docs! Its programme is now online!

Hey… this is getting really exciting! The final programme of the interactive documentary symposium i-Docs is now online!! On the 25th of March most of the key international players in the world of interactive documentary will be speaking at i-Docs in Bristol! We have 25 speakers, most of which will present their current work. Also […]

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crossmedia or transmedia?

Everything seemed to be cross-media or cross-platform and then the buzz word became transmedia… what is the difference exactly? I found an article by Nicoletta Iacobacci (Head of Interactive TV/Eurovision at the European Broadcasting Union) that is actually quite clear on the topic. Here  is a selection of her article: In a crossmedia environment, content […]

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“Brèves de Trottoirs”: stylish, French and multi-platform

“Brèves de Trottoirs” (probably translatable as “Sidewalk Shorts”) is a stylish Web documentary from writer Olivier Lambert and photojournalist Thomas Salva. The aim is to portray what they call “daily celebrities” living in  a complex city such as Paris. Their videos of Parisians with interesting backstories has appeared online and on television, and is in […]

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