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In search for her

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By: Yuki Kishino
Project type: Web

This entry to the archive was proposed and written by Yuki Kishino:

‘In Search of Her’ is a documentary project by Yuki Kishino, which was realised in the form of a desktop application using Processing (
The application is available for both Mac and Windows. It takes the viewer to a story, written and photographed by the author based on his experience. The user-controlled slideshow is comprised of 52 photographs, each accompanied by text guiding the viewer through the narrative. The application also includes his theory of Human Gravity and additional notes.

View vimeo demo of In search for her

Download and play In search for her

My Comments on it:

In search for her is a desktop application (this is the first odd thing about it) that is photo based, but that tells a story, which itself explains a rather complicated “theory of human gravity”… The photos are as clean as a Japanese Haiku and the theory as incomprehensible as a piece of physics (at least to me!). To those two one has to add a story that is not a story, but that leads to a theory of encounters… As a result the feeling I had while running it on my computer was that there are three levels in this work that are apparently distinct, but that actually mix – or encounter themselves?- in a rather odd way.

I invite you to try this for your selves. In term of interactivity it is pretty basic, but it has an inner balance – and a grace- that are difficult to explain. The theory of human gravity still has some mysteries to me… but maybe one of you could elucidate me?

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This entry was posted on Saturday, February 12th, 2011

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