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Interactive Documentary Blog goes participative

Tags: , , , is a great French website that tries to be a hub for interactive documentaries afecionados: it has an archive, it publishes articles and blogs… in other words it is a great source of information – for those who speak French!Unfortunately it only concentrates on web stuff but, hey, nobody is perfect!

Interestingly enough, like me,  they just seem to realise that archiving all i-docs is mission impossible!!!! Not only there is too much happening, but it takes too much time for any person to follow it all… So they have introduced a “do it youself option” – a bit like me who offer a “contribute to the archive” option, inviting people to archive their own projects by themselves. If you go to the option “referencer son webdocumentaire” you can input your documentary. I am not sure about the language… does it need to be in French only?

I am coming to the conclusion that we should all join forces in a way or another to create a centralised  online archive/forum/resource/network about interactive documentaries. It does not make sense to have in one language, me & other blogs covering other things… we should unite efforts! Whenever I will have more time (will this ever happen?) it will be my next project.  Any person intersted in such project, just get in touch with me…

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This entry was posted on Wednesday, December 15th, 2010


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