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I have been re-writing the same chapter of my PhD for 6 months now… I am totally sick of it. This is the case study part of my PhD, it should be the “fun” stuff for me, but since my theoretical ground, and my approach to the case studies, puts me in disapproval with my tutors I am somehow… on a still point.

Bizarrely when one hits nausea sometimes thing happen… a discussion with a friend, an indepth chat with a philosophy specialist can became illuminant… like a new horizon in a dark sea… I am now back into writing, and this time full of enthousisam and exchitement! May this mood last for a while, as I have not finished my chapter… May the sea drift me towards new directions, and the flow fill me with novelty, may justice thank the people that with a little push propulse us far beyond what we can see.

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This entry was posted on Wednesday, December 15th, 2010


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