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I have been fool enough lately to add an extra activity to my busy life: the organisation of i-Docs, a conference totally dedicated to the interactive documentary form. I do care a lot about this event. It is in a sort the confirmation that what I have been preaching and observing – that interactive documentaries are a  new way to relate to reality- is happening… but if you give on one side you have to let go on another… and I am finding it more and more difficult to find time to populate this website…

I feel bad for not having added anything to the archive for ages!!! All I have been able to do is to add a couple of Haikus (because I have fun with those) and some blogs in the main home screen… I suppose it is better than nothing… but I still feel a bit guilty of not managing to do more…

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This entry was posted on Wednesday, November 10th, 2010


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