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“Out of my windows” from the Highrise project

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When Canadian National Film Board launched its interactive project Highrise it called it ” a multi-year, multi-media, collaborative documentary project about the human experience in global vertical suburbs. We will use the acclaimed interventionist and participatory approaches of the award-winning National Film Board of Canada’s Filmmaker-in-Residence (FIR) project. Our scale will be global, but rooted firmly in the FIR philosophy — putting people, process, creativity, collaboration, and innovation first.” It sounded grand…

A year down the line its director Katerina Cizek is clearly cooking an intriguing collaborative project using 360 degrees images.  Her team first announced that they were  prototyping an art installation in physical space (to re-translate digital space into physical one) and now they are asking for collaboration from all of us who live in a tower block (sending our highrise views to a Flickr account). How are they going to assemble them is a mystery… but from what I understand both a website and an exhibition should come out of it soon…

Although 360 technology is sexy, the point here is to know how it will be used. In her last project for NFB, Filmmaker-in-Residence, Katerina Cizek took very seriously the meaning of “collaborative” media.  During 5 years she worked with the medical staff, and with the patients, of an inner-city hospital… and it is only through deep rooting into their universe that she emerged with the version of the interactive documentary that is available online – and on DVDs. I am really curious to know what type of collaboration she is experimenting with in her new project, Highrise. After having directly engaged with a selected group of tower residents in Toronto (see their descriptions of their space and the presentation that has been organized with Toronto’s major here),   they are now asking everybody to send photos to Flickr… is this a contradiction or a cleverly balanced dose of crowd sourcing and intimate collaboration?

And also… is 360 degrees technology an aesthetic landscaped choice or does it experiment with new type of digital interaction?

I am afraid that for now they are the only one to have the answers… maybe they want to share some information with us?

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This entry was posted on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010


  1. On September 12th, 2010 at 20:48 Kat Cizek wrote:

    thanks for the post, sandra. i’ve (sort of) responded, for now, at i promise more is coming soon as we prepare to launch!

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