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“The Wilderness Downtown” – experimenting with HTML5

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Rock band Arcade Fire, together with Google and artist Chris Milk, have launched an interactive video that uses HTML5 set to the band’s track “We Used to Wait”. This experimental interactive music video is called”The Wilderness Downtown”  and has nothing to do with documentary…. except for the fact that it uses HTML 5 in a very intelligent way and that it makes us think about the potential of this new platform…

I suggest that you have a look to it as the online project makes use of Google Maps and Google Street View to incorporate images of the viewer’s home town into the video. It also opens different windows at specific times and allows you to draw a postcard and send it back into the video itself. The use of google maps to personalize (customize?) a video is new to my knowledge… and it really works!! While you are looking at the video you cannot unglue your eyes from a setting that you really know well (since you lived there!).

This type of personalization could also be used in interactive documentaries…. imagine a topic like bulling, or education, where you are fed images of your own school as opposed to the institutionalised image of “a school” (in the UK Victorian schools seem to be the chosen as representational image).

Also, the use of windows – as opposed to picture into picture editing- is really working well. Image juxtapose themselves adding meaning to the other one – as opposed of composing a new “unique” image.

Even just for the inspiration and breath of fresh air… have a look to

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This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010


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