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mountains and complexity

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I have spent a great, and super long, summer holiday with my family in Italy and France. The five books that I took with me for once did not stay in my luggages… strange enough I managed to read them!!! This is obviously the sign that my kids are growing enough so that I can have some time for myself now…now that one of them can read, and the other one can fake reading… there are gaps of silence that are longer than 10 minutes…¬† how refreshing!

I read a mixture of books on complexity, interactivity, consciousness and Spinoza… strangely enough they were all related in one way or another… and it all seemed very clear to me when I was in the Italian Alps looking at the complexity of a cloudy sky and at the reflexive calmness of a glacier’s lake… Could it be that simple?

The good news is that now that I am back to London it is all muddy again in my mind… is this symptomatic about the fact that here I have too many jobs to fulfil or is simplicity just ephemeral¬† by nature?

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This entry was posted on Monday, August 30th, 2010


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