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shooting, framing and cutting out

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I have spent the last two weeks shooting interviews for a project on parenting that I am doing with two friends… It has been really exciting and refreshing to be back in action, on the side, or behind the camera again… One part of me feels much more at ease there than in front of my word processor. But another side of me is now much more aware of the interference that the camera creates. While I was setting the shots for the interviews I realised how much my past in television has pre-set my aesthetics and conditioned my framing… Also: it is all about framing. It is all about cutting out or including . It is all about constructing a square window from which the world will be seen… tailoring reality by censorship…

Obviously non of this is new to critical analysis. But what is new for me is that I am now strongly aware of it. Although interviewing people made me feel secure, I was also aware of the role I was performing, of the production rules that I was embodying and re-proposing.

I hope that the interactive documentary that we want to make with this content will allow me to break out of the conventions that both tranquillize and irritate me… This is ultimately the aim of a PhD: to bring out new directions of enquiry and to push oneselves outside of the confort zone…

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This entry was posted on Monday, May 31st, 2010


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