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A web-documentary search tool !!


This is great news – although it is only for French speaking people: a French site that specialized on web-documentary has created a search tool that looks for interactive projects on the web! Forget Google, just use their custom made option!

Have a look to¬† and type any topic or location… and a list of web project will come up (photo-journalism, interactive news, web-docs etc…). It does work for English projects too but it is less effective (if you search for a topic you need to do it in French!).

LINTERVIEW web site is really worth checking. They do interviews, they follow what is happening as we speak. I am not too sure who is behind it (I shall enquire) but it is a useful resource…

If you subscribe to their newsletter they also inform you about interesting stuff. Today I received a link to a 40 minute piece on the web documentary format ( and to an interview to David Dufresne about Prison Valley :

Have a look… !

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This entry was posted on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010


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