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I am writing.

7.00 am, alarm clock. 7.30, get the kids ready. 7.45, breakfast. 8.00 kids to school. 8.30, I do my jogging. 9.00 shower. 9.30, cappuccino plus start writing till the kids are back from school. It is not exactly a 9 till 5 job, but nearly… I have to say that there is a nice feeling to this kind of monastic rythm. The days pass by one after the other. I have blocked this time for writing so I am not taking anything else on… suddenly the days seem easier, smooth, with no attached complications. My moods go from total frustration to total excitment. Illuminations and flat stagnation rythm my days. The fact is that I am slow. I am such a slow writer… how could I ever had decided to do a PhD? It takes me forever to decide what to write, and how to formulate it… I suppose I have to put my head down and just persevere…

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This entry was posted on Thursday, March 25th, 2010


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