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French tvs invest in web-documentaries


I have noticed that this year two national French televisions are clearly investing on web-documentaries. France 5 and Arte have both dedicated a space on their website to host a series of web-documentaries about foreign countries and social issues. Both those portals are hosting documentaries that will be produced throughout the year (at the moment only a  few are available) showing that this is a long term investment and not a little project on the side. Hey, there is hope!!!

Have a look to I think this is a nice attempt to speak about the 50 years of African independence by doing a series of web-documentaries. Each African country is represented by an interesting guide (normally someone hip and young) that shows you around during a day. Really well done for a young public!

France 5’s project is safer, but still quite brave: it picks on issues of the  “New World”  (ecology, immigration, capitalism etc…) and covers the topic trhough 3/4 webdosumentaries. You can have a look to their portraits on China

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This entry was posted on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010


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