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Sputnik Observatory

I am a big fan of new media artist/designer Jonathan Harris. He is the mind behind we feel fine,  time capsules and the whale hunt (all accessible though his website). But I have just discovered his latest work: Sputnik. I shall enter Sputnik in the archive as soon as I have some time to play […]


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Documentary Now!- the afterthoughts

I have a great news for you:  interactive documentary is starting to be a buzz word… Like last year Documentary Now! was a nice two days conference where a mixture of academic, PhD students and documentary makers exchanged their views on the new directions and evolution of the documentary world.  It had the same informal […]



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If you have been reading my blog for a wile you probably know that lately I have been concentrating on the notion of “open source documentary”. I knew that film makers such as Brett Gaylor had been promoting RIP: a remix manifesto as an “open source documentary”, but when I read that BBC2 was starting […]

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Documentary Now!

If you happen to be in London on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th of January you might want to attend the annual Documentary Now! conference at Birbeck College.This is a small but friendly 2 days conference about contemporary documentary issues where some new media projects are discussed. For this year I know that their guest […]


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