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post Xmas blues

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I bizarrely seem to remember about my PhD blog after every single holiday… this is probably because it is the only moment I take the time to think about what I should do (as opposed of just beeing late on my to-do list). Post holiday time is a moment of wireframing: see the big picture and re-think your schedule, at least for me. The first day the kids are back to school I sit at my table with a cappuccino and I think: “where did I leave this at? Where shall I start from? What do I want to achieve in those 6 weeks (before kids are back on hols again)?”…

So here I am: cappuccino in my hand: where next?

There is always a moment of blues in this… all is possible, but all is to be started again… it is half joy and half an effort… is is about starting motion…

Last trimester was great! I had a great time going at conferences and meeting up people. Now I know I am back into reading and writing. I also have to finish marking my students’ essays…

OK: Phd: I am back!

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This entry was posted on Tuesday, January 5th, 2010


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