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Korsakow 5 is now available online!

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Korsakow – a free to download computer program for the creation of database films – has just released a new version: it is now OPEN SOURCE! Version 5 is  downloadable for free from

Those of you that know Florian Thalhofer’s work will be glad to know that other people have used his software and that there is now a page linking to all the projects that have been done using the Korsakow software. Here it is.

Those who do not know about Florian can have a look to his website: you will find his online films but also information about him and his current projects.

So… what is a Korsakow film? I’ll take Florian’s words on this: “Korsakow-Films are films with a twist: They are interactive – the viewer has influence on the K-Film. They are rule-based – the author decides on the rules by which the scenes relate to each other, but s/he does not create fixed paths. K-Films are generative – the order of the scenes is calculated while viewing. Korsakow is not a religion.” (from

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This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009


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