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It is September, I had a lovely month of family holidays… now back to work!

The thing with having kids is that they are constantly on holidays!!! Believe it or not I find it very hard to swing from holiday mood¬† to working mood every 6 weeks (which is on average how often the kids have a break from school). One side of me believes it is incredibly civilised to have so many breaks and to remember that there are others things in life than work, school runs and house organisation… but the other side of me finds it very painful to switch between completely different lives all the time.

I suppose that working from home does not help. When the kids are on hols they are there: right in front of me waiting for me to take the lead.¬† Shall we go to the park? Shall we paint? Can we have a play-date? I might be limited but I find it impossible to do my PhD work while my kids are painting in the kitchen and probably messing up all the walls of the house… call me a control freak, but I am either with them or at my desk working… I can’t do both together… The good news is that when they will grow up they will NOT want me to organise their day… but we have time for that…

So here I am: kids are back at school and I have 6 weeks in front of me to try to remember what my PhD was about. Probably by the time I will have remembered the kids will be on holiday again!

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This entry was posted on Monday, September 14th, 2009


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