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Sheffield’s Doc/Fest: keep an eye on the Crossover Docs Labs

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The U.K. annual Sheffield’s Doc/Fest is  starting soon: from the 4th till the 8th of November 2009.  Their programme will soon be online , check it here.

For those interested in interactive documentaries though, it might be valuable to point out that they are also running a  5 days Lab/seminar on new media/participatory forms of documentary, wich is called the Crossover Docs. The Labs is “obvioulsy” not open to the public (what a shame!!!) and you need  to subscribe to it  in advance by presenting a cross-platform project.

The Crossover labs have been run by Unexpected Media since 1996 in  for a range of organizations including the BBC, Channel 4, Microsoft, Just B, Sagasnet, the Rotterdam Film Festival, X Media Lab, Reed Midem, Ogilvy and NESTA. From what I understand they are a sort of incubator for new media projects. These week-long events assemble producers and executives from different media (TV, web, games) to work together developing cross-platform projects. But the labs are very focussed on individual productions and there’s also a need to think about how companies — whether they’re  established broadcast producers or games-focussed start-ups — can prepare themselves for developing effective cross-platform projects

I have applied to the Crossover Docs Lab and – if I get accepted – I will keep you posted on my learnings… finger crossed!

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