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That’s it: theĀ  June panel went very well and I got the upgrade (which basically means that the structure and argument of my PhD got accepted by an expernal board). I was delighted and really boosted up by the positive approach that the external examinator had during the discussion: he pointed out at things to be improved but was not trying to pin down fatal mistakes and deadly theoretical impasses… basically he was trying to help rather than kill… what a refreshing approach!!!

Jokes apart, I now have a collection of notes of “nice to add/change” but I have decided to take a break till September before facing them. At the moment I have kids on summer holidays and student dissertations to read so… the PhD will have to wait – this is the advantage of doing it part-time.

Still, I am going to publish the first three chapters of my PhD (the very drafted versions that I presented to my panel in June) and I hope you will want to comment on them… any input helps!! Thanks!!!

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This entry was posted on Monday, July 13th, 2009


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