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I have been quite silent recently… this is because I am writing like mad for the PhD panels that we have at Goldsmiths every year.┬áDeadline: end of May.

I am a bit frustrated not to work on my website at the moment, but I have no choice. The writing process is taking every single free moment that I have. I must be a very slow writer… it takes me for ever to write: I ┬áconcentrate on the precise word, on the reference, on the logical link between one sentence and the next one… Sometimes it is extremely frustrating, other times something emerges from the paper (actually, the computer screen) and it suddenly “makes sense”. My head seems to be like a huge pot that contains loads of ideas and intuitions. The praxis of writing is like a filter that orders the confusion that is in my mind. There were so many possibilities, yet one has to be chosen. Why is it so satisfying to have order?

The process of writing is for me a long layering process. Each reading reveals things to be changed and each writiting reveals new ideas, but also new incongruences… Like waves that layer rocks, the hours of writining and proof-reading smooth the nature of my discourse… and slowly, a shape emerges.

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This entry was posted on Thursday, May 7th, 2009


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