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Today was a bright and sunny day. One of those few autumn days that are as a summer day full of magic colors in the trees. I went to Whidnesdale Zoo with the kids. We had a fantastic day, full of nature, love and kids simple discoveries…

On the way back I was driving. It took about one hour. What is bizarre is that I got into a half conscious thinking mode about my PhD. I was thinking about it but I was also driving… so I was in a sort of semi-lucid state.

Things suddenly got much clearer. I had to follow what was exiting me: first do a website about my PhD. This had to be half about documenting my process of doing the PhD and half about the research itself on interactive documentary. Also, I was not going to give up my classification about modes of interaction. No I was to apply it to practical project. I was to find an example of what I believe might be positive about each of those modes and then I was to build the examples. This would lead me into a practical PhD more than a theoretical one. Also, I was to write a book about interactive documentary. If my supervisors are not interested in my categories about interactive documentary there might be another public that it might interest. I personally would value a book that could set the field with examples and trying to define what is interesting about each of those genres… so why not doing it?

There you go. It all seems clearer today. No, what seems clearer is what I want to do. This does obviously not fit with what my supervisors seem to like or want. Maybe I should change supervisors? Maybe I should move department? University? Or maybe just write the book and forget the PhD (that is what Lev Manovich told me one year ago when I had a tutorial with him).

Food for thoughts….

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This entry was posted on Sunday, October 12th, 2008


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