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Documentary Now – the conference

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I have been to the Documentary Now conference for the whole day. What a pleasure to see so many documentarist speaking about their projects and their pleasure. I had a breath of fresh air: ideas, positive attitude, curiosity… the people here seem to enjoy their life and really have a passion for their projects. How nice!

My presentation went pretty well as well. I had lots of questions and feed-back. I was quite happy and I made a lot of contacts.

When I came back home and I described the day to Marc, my husband, he said “well, for once I can tell that your are really speaking from you heart. You are really alive today!”.

Gosh… this made me think. Was it so obvious that I am bored to death about theory and I want to go back to some sort of production? Maybe I should follow my heart more…

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This entry was posted on Saturday, October 11th, 2008


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