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the bee is writing


I have started the writing process for the June assessment.

I am writing, painfully, but surely.

I am the bee now. I do not fly with ease. I am still scared of taking the wrong direction. I would like to know where I want to end up to be able to decide the best itinerary from the start. That would make me feel secure. The reality is that I do not know where I want to end, so I do not know how to get there either. Each flower is a starting point that leads me to the next. This temporal exploration mode petrifies me because I fear not arriving in time. I have a deadline for end of May!

I am a bee that flies with half wings and is not enjoying the flowers it encounters because I am too occupied looking at my next possible flower.

Something will have to change.

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This entry was posted on Wednesday, April 9th, 2008


  1. On December 17th, 2015 at 06:27 SusGun wrote:

    姐姐愛美, Bee, 風信子 & Ruth 姐姐,萬里長城必有盡; 真正友誼永無終~ ^^JY,冇錯, 6個.Maggie,妳鐘意飲紅酒 ga?匿名者,Hihihi~”我只是個過路人 但我有個疑問一直存在心裡 好想問您 “Heee hee heeeee~ 只是路過又點一直有個疑問存在心裡呀? Haaaa~ kiinddg~其實以禮相待, 待人以誠, 將心比心, 就是了. 做人, 亦應當如此吧.:)

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