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waiting to upload my video

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I have asked for consent from Iris and Anat to post the video… I am waiting…

I realize myself that I feel strange about uploading my own privacy. I am aware of sharing with the rest of the world by inner thoughts, the privacy of my house and the face of my kids… I do not feel comfortable with it. Why? Fear? Of what? Maybe I am not a very performative person at heart…

The website gives me three options: upload on youtube (meaning: everybody can see me), uploading on GoogleVideo and just sending the link to the Flying website (meaning: only people that have the link –so nobody- can see me) or uploading directly on the Flying website (meaning: all the women that are engaging with Jennifer’s film can see me). My first instinct is to keep safe and stay as hidden as possible (so via Google video). My second thoughts are: common you should play the game… if this is an experiment, a way for you to get involved… then you have to plunge and go public. What is the sense of participating if you do not allow other women/watchers to see you?

I am still pondering between rationality and guts…

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This entry was posted on Sunday, March 16th, 2008


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