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Passing the camera

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I did the ‘passing the camera’ experiment!!!

I filmed a mini documentary using Jennifer Fox’s ‘passing the camera’ technique.

I am feeling very excited about loosing the boring books for a second and going back to “praxis”. Seeing the Flying documentary inspired me to try something myself. What is all this theory about if I do not get my hand dirty? Shall I plunge and take the risk? Shall I participate myself to the passing the camera experiment?

I have decided to try and I feel very invigorated about that.

I have invited Iris and Anat yesterday night and filmed our conversation. It was so much fun!!! A bit intimidating at the start but… we got quite good after a while.

Is the fact of passing the camera to the other people while you are speaking really making things more spontaneous? Obviously not completely. We are always aware that this is being recorded… we are still performing… but what is different is that we are all on the same level. No director anymore. No camerawoman that scrutinises us… everybody gets to participate and to share the burden and experiment of being a performer and a voyeur of other people’s performances!

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This entry was posted on Friday, March 14th, 2008


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