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RIP: A remix Manifesto

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By: Brett Gaylor
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“RIP: A Remix Manifesto” is part of a vaster project: the Open source Cinema. The idea is to apply the Wiki mentality of adding and remixing to a video documentary – making it a collaborative piece.

From what I can gather Brett Gaylor has been working on his own documentary about copyright and remix culture and has “opened” it to online participation.

A participatory media experiment, from day one, Brett shares his raw footage at, for anyone to remix. This movie-as-mash-up method allows these remixes to become an integral part of the film.

Find out more:

Watch RIP: A remix manifesto and start remixing it

Check Open source cinema‘s website and start remixing your own documentaries

More about the project and Brett Gaylor

Watch RIP trailer

My comments:

What is interesting about this project is its production process. There are some other projects that are based on collaborative filming and editing (see the Echo Chamber Project) and for all of them my concern is the same: what is the experience of the viewer while watching it? How much is the content and aesthetics influenced by the production mode?

Since none of those projects are finished (actually, this is a valid question: are they even supposed to have an end or are they in constant evolution?) it is difficult for me to have a point of view.

From what I have seen on his website RIP feels very much like a quick and chaotic documentary for the viewer that has NOT participated. Maybe the feeling is completely different if one has participated in its making… I suspect there is a pleasure in a partial ownership of the whole.

Any comments from people that have participated?

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This entry was posted on Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

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