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PhD Diary – documenting a process

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I have decided to engage with the process of doing a PhD more than with the final piece of work that will be an organised sum of words that have distilled the process to give it a linear sense.

This is why I am starting this diary: to help me to see where I am now, more than where I would like to be.

If I make the process part of my experience, then I will maybe feel more “real”, and less trapped in theory.

I am thinking of creating a webpage where all the little moments that constitute my PhD will have a space. The final manuscript is for me just one aspect of my experience of the PhD. Like in documentary making the final film is just the distilled version that the author creates for the viewers. The experience of reality is very different from the mediated representation of reality.

If I want to document my PhD, if I want to give credit to the PhD as a process rather than an objective truth (in which I do not believe anyway), then I need to find a space to give to this process. This space could be a webpage where other people can participate and share my process.

I see the written manuscript as an exercise of style: proving (to whom?) that I can organise reality and theory in a linear logic. This is fine. It is a useful skill to have. But this cannot be it! Can the skill of faking objectivity be the maximum we need to lean from academic life? This cannot be it… this is just a partial view of what an individual is and can be… I am not one, I am multiple. If I want to achieve this PhD I cannot fake to be only one. I need to find a way to include the other parts of me. Making a diary, engaging with the process of making the PhD, the little ideas that come in the tube, the people I meet that I learn from, the kids that make me laugh and give me an intuition… all this need to find a place. Could the web diary be a solution? Can I find a methodology that allows me to mix more than one aspect of my personality?

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This entry was posted on Sunday, January 20th, 2008


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